Haney's Tavern Flowers

March 2024

Scope of Work:
  • Brand Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Strategy

Haney’s Tavern Flowers offers seasonal, fresh cut flowers & fresh cut flower bouquets in Cross Plains, WI. They serve as a space for people to gather, get energized, connect & inspire with intention, creativity, and beautiful flowers. Guests come for the flowers, beauty, and history - but leave with so much more.

Illustrations: Julie Vornholt

Creative Direction:

The goal for Haney's Tavern Flowers' branding is to appeal to middle aged women in the Midwest who are craving community and connection. Their goal is to gather, connect & inspire with intention, creativity, and beautiful flowers as well as use the space to energize people.

Haney's Tavern Flowers aims to embody an energetic, timeless, and natural aesthetic. Utilizing a robust color palette with both earth tones and pops of energetic colors to represent the blooms, contributes to this vision. Custom floral illustrations and an organic serif font allure to the brand.

"OMG!! This is amazing Destinee!!! I LOVE it. Hooray!!"

- Jill, Haney's tavern flowers