March 2023

Scope of Work:
  • Brand Design
  • Creative Direction

Effervescent is a jewelry brand that speaks to customers who appreciate the art of creativity in all forms, from music to jewelry and everything in between. Their customers crave high-quality, hand-crafted jewelry that captures their unique style, individuality, and personality. Their focus is on crafting pieces that last, appealing to those who seek out exclusive and one-of-a-kind designs.

Creative Direction:

When Effervescent sought a rebranding, her primary goal was to better align her brand with clients who appreciate the art of handcrafted jewelry and the uniqueness each piece offers. Together, we crafted branding that not only showcases the artistry of her jewelry but also conveys the personal and emotional connections clients can form with her pieces. 

The choice of the brand name and colors were pivotal. The brand's name, captures the enchantment of sparkling stones and glistening gems. The color palette, drawn from the subtle nuances of metals and gemstones like jasper and agate, adds elegance and sophistication. This rebranded identity serves as a bridge to connect with clients seeking unique, handcrafted jewelry that resonates with their individuality and style.

"I have never been happier with the direction that I am now moving forward. Destinee's flawless designs make it so easy!"

- cindy, effervescent